Mine are the eyes of a great analyzer.


I use my life experiences and what I observe around me to tackle important issues from politics, police brutality in hopes to inspire those who listen. It feels to me many of the songs we hear in the mainstream hip hop has been dumb down. Conscious hip hop content has been pushed to the back so I mix it up. I know every song can't be so serious so I speak on everyday situations most from the urban community can relate to.       

I'm passionate about giving back to the music community. So check out The Female Music Artist Association.

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You Killed This Luv The Message Keepin It 100% New That's DOPE!!!


I can say humbly and without ego that I'm not your average rapper! I'm a lyricist. I started my love for music ever since I memorized LL Cool J around the way girl at the age of 5. Since then I've become a songwriter, social media manager, graphic design artist and I record my own songs. I am the owner of Box The Mic Entertainment an up and coming label out of the DMV.


It was clear that music is not only my favorite pastime but a way to express frustrations about the chaotic world around me. I've lived in New York, Texas, and throughout various parts of Maryland. I love all types of music from classical, dubstep to trap. I'm never the one to limit my musical growth but to be open minded and observe the cultures around me. There is still so much to learn as an artist and I will continue to write about whatever crosses my mind.


you've been a star but soon the world will know too!

Since 2005 I've been freestyling and recording on the block in Palmer Park, MD. I've refined my technique, style and delivery into something unique. Currently I'm enrolled at Strayer University as an IT Web Development student. I've performed in DC, MD, TX and NY. I've been in a magazine featuring Tech N9Ne.Various underground radio stations including Rolling with Swanny River. I network and collaborate with artists from around the world including, London, Jamaica, Cali,  and Africa. I wok hard doing most of everything by myself.

Nic Richelle says:
love it! you speakin truth

I'm proud to announce my mixtape I NEED INK is now available in hard copies. Email for yours!


My name is Chantilly "Cleva Thoughts" Kornegay. I was born January 20, 1985 in Bronx, NY to Gina Toliver and Russell Kornegay. Even though my parents did not stay together I was raised in a very close knit family environment. Plenty of aunts, uncles and cousins. Music was introduced at a young age hip hop, reggae, house music, jazz, RnB, spanish music. New york is diverse in culture.



Performing, songwriting, recording, producing, graphic design, social media networking, telecommunications, web development, video editing, photography and the list continues...   

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I'd like to share with you my most recent discovery.

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Lyrical Lioness Sistar Queen Power Indeed! Peace Blessings & Prosperity upon you