you've been a star but soon the world will know too!


Nic Richelle says:
love it! you speakin truth

I'm a lyricist and lover of words an old soul, a vibrant beautiful energy trying to understand the world around me. I am the owner of Box The Mic Entertainment.


It's clear that music is not only my favorite pastime but a way to express frustrations and connect with those who can relate or who wants to better understand the mind of a woman.  Not just the shallow parts but all of it.  I have to remain an open-minded person who loves to learn and never limit my musical growth.

I vow to observe the cultures around me and try to understand. There is still so much to learn as an artist and human. I will continue to write about whatever crosses my mind. I hope you join my journey. Your encouragement and support is well appreciated.

I use my life experiences and what I observe around me to tackle important issues from politics, police brutality in hopes to inspire those who listen. It feels to me many of the songs we hear in the mainstream hip hop is misunderstood. The way it is being expressed has changed and many times when a person is used to one thing it is hard to open up to another. People are stuck in habits.

Conscious hip hop content has been pushed around these last few years but is still widely present and so I give a little bit of the old and the new. I know every song can't be serious and as humans we love a great time so I include that. What would you like to hear? Contact me and submit a request. 

I'm passionate about giving back to the music community. So check out The Female Music Artist Association.



Get To Know The Real Me


About Me

I was 15 when I would freestyle and record with all my friends on the block in Palmer Park, MD. I was able to refine my technique, style and delivery into something unique and explosive. Since then I have recorded hundreds of songs that I shared with many for free just because

I had a passion for it and I believed in myself. I've performed in DC, MD, TX and NY. I've been in a magazine featuring Tech N9Ne as well as various underground radio stations including Rolling with Swanny River. I network and collaborate with artists from around the world including, London, Jamaica, Cali, and Africa.

Currently I'm an undergraduate at Strayer University obtaining my Bachelor's degree. #ClevaThoughts

Reginald DJsays:

You Killed This Luv The Message Keepin It 100% New That's DOPE!!!

OLD SOUL says:
Lyrical Lioness Sistar Queen Power Indeed! Peace Blessings & Prosperity upon you

I've had a few things I've become good at but performing, songwriting, recording, producing, graphic design, social media networking, web development, video editing, photography, and marketing are my highlights. #ClevaThoughts  

My name is Chantilly "Cleva Thoughts" Kornegay. I was born January 20, 1985 in Bronx, NY to Gina and Russell. I was introduced to a wide variety of music like reggae, Latino, R-N-B, House, and jazz but Hip hop influenced me at an early age.

I could not stop reciting LL Cool J Around the way girl. I was impressed with the be-boy dance moves and the heavy chains. Walking down the street in New York City is so inspiring to new eyes. #ClevaThoughts